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Khadi Store has the collection of khadi silk, khadi cotton and woolen garments. The Khadi Centre has accepted a new plan that made computerisation in large key Khadi Village and khadi Industries outlets in our country. In the first step more than 100 kahadi store outlets will develop with computerization. These 350 outlets in 7,500 outlets countrywide will be short listed on the basis of how well they are utilizing to make the best of their possibilities.

The computerization of Khadi Stores will helps to increase the Khadi sales, and these changes also put in place a Management Information System, which will help the khadi store outlets to coordinate the management system and activities among all khadi store members. As part of increasing the sales of khadi business ITDC arranges Khadi Retail outlet stores. khadi garment owners can arrange their own stop and retailers can buy the quality garments in less price value.

The shopping at Khadi store is good experience, the helpful staff that is informative and cordial, a relief from the staid sales people in here. Khadi is a very coll garment in summer and warm garment in winter. No drought to say khadi is a finest garment ever wears before. It is fully environment and eco friendly which is made by manually. Even though it is very tough competition with the modern industrial world of today under the new liberalization atmosphere - Khadi is trying its level best to survive. It is our responsibility of each individual of Indian to do what ever we can to keep this Khadi alive.

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